Monday, October 12, 2009

.Jon & Kate Gosselin.

Jon and Kate Gosselin, from TLC's 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' have been all over the news this year and continue to make headlines with their martial antics. The Kate wig is one of the most requested and sought after wigs this year. To pull off a Jon, a Kate or the duo here are some tips:

What You Need for Kate:
"reverse mullet" hair style
drop earrings or large thick gold hoops
over-sized sunglasses
solid colored shirt
plaid or khaki skirt
colorful heels
unnaturally tan skin

Eight Is Too Much Adult WigEight Is Too Much Adult Wig @

What You Need for John:
dark spiked thinning hair/or backwards hat
some dark shades
a label flaunting shirt (preferably Ed Hardy)
baggy jeans or baggy khaki shorts
flip flops
diamond stud earring in your left ear (no peircing? you can simply use a sick on earring available in the children's jewelry section of stores)
a cigarette even if you don’t smoke it

Optional Accessories:
"Kate" should one of Kate’s books "Eight Little Faces" or "Multiple Bles8ings".
For Jon you could have a much younger, trashy girl on your arm.
A pen to give autographs to your "fans"
Friends with cameras to play the paparazzi
Eight little dolls, all strung together and tied to one of those child leashes
OR/ velcro, sew or pin 6-8 dolls onto your body (back, legs, hips and arms so that it appears as though they are climbing all over you!)
OR/ Carry a fold out picture portfolio with eight pictures of ”your kids”. Insert a picture of Job and Kate together with Kate/Jon’s picture torn out (for whomever you are portraying).

Complete Your Look:

(Source: Jon & Kate paparazzi photos from Just Jared)

If you decide to dress as Jon or Kate, please post your ideas and photos! Thanks -

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