Friday, October 9, 2009

.Wind Chill.


Synopsis: Emily Blunt stars as a college student on her way home for winter break, catching a ride with a fellow student (played by Ashton Holmes) who's headed the same way. But things aren't exactly what they seem. When the two get stranded on a lone stetch of road- the cold and snow aren't their biggest threat. They soon realize that they are not alone when the ghosts of the people who died there start showing up.

Review: Wind Chill is a classic ghost story. It stars Emily Blunt who is one of my newest favorite actresses. She was fantastic in the Devil Wears Prada, amazing in The Jane Austen Book Club and fabulous in Sunshine Cleaning. She's knocked every performance out of the park and Wind Chill is no exception to that rule. This film was very well written and the story really pulls you in. Its a great ghost tale full of suspense with very little gore. If your not a fan of hack'n'slash type horror films, this is the best choice for your movie night!



Rent it if your in the mood for a good ghost tale!

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