Saturday, August 29, 2009

Halloween Playlist Pick

.Purple People Eater.

Purple People Eater by ekimerod on flickr

This is a MUST for any and all Halloween party playlists, adult and kiddie alike! A very classic tune for the occasion!

Purple People Eater is a novelty song, written and performed by Sheb Wooley that reached #1 in the Billboard pop charts in 1958. This song is about a strange monster that descends to earth to join a rock'n'roll band. Wooley got the idea of the song from a joke told by the child of one of his friends; he completed its composition within one hour. Also of note, there is a strong misconception that the monster is purple which isn't necessarily true. The monster states in the song that it is purple people he consumes.


Purple People Eater
By Sheb Wooley

Well I saw the thing coming out of the sky,
it had one long horn and one big eye.
I commenced to shakin' and I said oo-wee,
It looks like a purple people eater to me.
It was a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater,
and it sure looks good to me.

Well, he came down to earth and he lit in a tree,
I said Mr. Purple People Eater don't eat me.
I heard him say in a voice so gruff,
I wouldn't eat you cuz you're too tough.
It was a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater,
It sure looks strange to me.

I said mr Purple People Eater what's your line
He said eating purple people and it sure is fine
But that's not the reason that I came to land
I wanna get a job in a rock 'n roll band
Well, bless my soul rock 'n roll flying' purple people eater
Pigeon-toed under-growed flyin' purple people eater
one-eyed one-horned it was a people eater
What a sight to see

Well, he swung from the tree and he lit on the ground
he started to rock really rockin' around
It was a crazy ditty with a swinging tune
Wop bop a lula wop bam boom
one-eyes one-horned flying people eater
Ooh, it sure looks strange to me

Well he went on his way and then what do you know
I saw him last night on a TV show
He was a blowin' it out and really knockin' them dead
Playing rock 'n roll music through the horn in is head.

.Alternate Version's.

One of my daughter's favorite show's is Jack's Big Music Show and on one episode they have a teenage rock bank cover this song and I actually think its quite rocking. So much so, I am sharing it with you! Below is the video clip of the band Comic Book Heroes and their cover version of Purple People Eater.


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