Monday, August 31, 2009

.Truck Stop Toilet.

Truck Stop Toilet Halloween Brownie Recipe

One brand new, UNUSED training potty/toilet
1 box prepared brownies (for large gathering, do 2 boxes)
1 tub prepared chocolate frosting

.Peanut Butter Blood.
1/2 C. creamy peanut butter (chunky won't work!)
Light corn syrup, as needed
Red food coloring, as needed
Chocolate syrup, as needed (optional)

1. Thoroughly clean the new training potty with soap and water.

2. Prepare peanut butter "dried blood" by slowly adding corn syrup to peanut butter until you get your desired texture. Add red food coloring until you get a dark blood red. If mixture isn't dark enough, stir in a little chocolate syrup. Set aside.

3. Place brownies in the bowl of the toilet.

4. With lid opened, "decorate" your toilet with prepared "dried blood" and gobs of chocolate frosting. Dangle a length of toilet paper from one of the gobs of chocolate frosting, if desired.

5. Watch your guests get really disgusted by this gross Halloween recipe.

.Adult Version.
While this is generally for older party goers anyway, here's an idea for making it even more disgusting... but strictly for adults only. To do this, drape the toilet with a couple of condoms (I don't have to tell you they should be unused!) and drip melted white chocolate on the toilet and condoms in, um... strategic locations. Ick. But funny.

* In the photo, strawberry syrup blood was used. But it looks way more realistic with the peanut butter blood recipe included here. Plus, the peanut butter blood goes great with chocolate! Don't want to make your own blood? Just buy a bottle of cheap strawberry syrup.
* As far as your brownies go, lots of walnuts combined with longer, rectangular slicing (as opposed to squares) will give them a more, well, realistic look.

(Source: Divine Dinner Party)


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