Monday, September 3, 2012

.Bat Pops.

Bat Pops Halloween Recipe

Oreos (Dou­ble Stuff are preferable)
Candy Melts/Bark Coat­ing (dark choco­late, white, orange)
Pop­si­cle or lol­lipop sticks
Grape (or other dark color) fruit leather
choco­late chips

1. Start by plac­ing the sticks into the cream layer of the oreos. It can help every­thing stick bet­ter if you dip the end of the stick in the choco­late first. Then, as it hard­ens, it helps hold the stick in place.

2. Then, melt your choco­late accord­ing to pack­age direc­tions. I always just put them in a bowl & use the microwave–way eas­ier that way! Coat each “oreo on a stick” with choco­late. Let harden.

3. While those are hard­en­ing, cut out your bat wings. I wanted every­thing to be edi­ble, so I used dark fruit leather! Just lay the fruit leather out and cut the shape of bat wings. I was able to get about 4 wings per fruit leather.

4. once the choco­late is just about hard, push in sprin­kles to the front. I used white sprin­kles for the mouth & fangs and some large round sprin­kles for the eyes. To affix the wings, just put a dab of melted choco­late on the back & stick it on. Let it harden, face down. Then, voila, oreo bats!

If you don’t have dou­ble stuff, then flat pop­si­cle sticks def­i­nitely work bet­ter.

(Source: Mom Endeavors)


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