Monday, September 3, 2012

.Spi­der Web Pret­zel Snacks.

Spi­der Web Pret­zel Snacks Halloween Recipe

pret­zel sticks
white chocolate/bark candy coating
choco­late (baker’s, candy coat­ing, or chips would prob­a­bly all work)
bag­gie or pas­try bag
wax paper

1. Lay out your pret­zels on the wax paper in “star­burst” arrange­ments of 6 or 8 pret­zels (it’s a good idea to put it on a cookie sheet for trans­port stability).

2. After melt­ing your white chocolate/bark coat­ing, place in a bag­gie and cut the cor­ner off (or use a pas­try bag). Start pip­ing your choco­late in the mid­dle of the pret­zel arrange­ment, mak­ing sure to coat all the pretzels.

3. Con­tinue pip­ing out­ward around the pret­zels, until you have a web. Then, place two raisins in the mid­dle for the body of the spider.

4. Melt your reg­u­lar choco­late and pipe over the raisins. I found that the spi­ders turned out bet­ter when I piped the legs of the spi­der first and then did the body. Place in the fridge for a few min­utes until the choco­late is hard. Then, gen­tly peel back the wax paper.…and eat!

(Source: Mom Endeavors)


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