Sunday, September 6, 2009

.Spiderweb Cookies.

Spiderweb Cookies Halloween Cookie Recipe

1 can (12 oz) whipped fluffy white frosting
Orange paste or gel food color
1 can (12 oz) whipped fluffy chocolate frosting
1 pkg ( oz) soft 3/4-in. oatmeal cookies
Regular M&M’s and mini M&M’s candies or M&M’s mini baking bits

1. Tint white frosting orange and frost 5 cookies. Frost remaining cookies with chocolate frosting.

2. Put remaining orange and chocolate frosting in separate small ziptop bags. Cut a tip off 1 corner of each bag and pipe a web on opposite-color frosted cookies.

3. To make spiders: Place an M&M on each web; lean a mini M&M of the same color slightly against larger candy. With chocolate frosting, pipe legs on both sides of each “body.” Pipe orange or chocolate eyes.

4. Refrigerate until set.

(Source: Woman's Day)


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