Wednesday, September 2, 2009

.Bath Water Punch.

Bath Water Punch Halloween Drink Recipe

The rainbow sherbert in this melts to a gross-looking day-old-bathwater grey color. It looks scummy and unappetizing... but it tastes great!

1 can (12 oz.) frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed, prepared according to directions
1 bottle (2 liters) lemon-lime soda (I use Sprite), well chilled
1/2 gallon rainbow sherbert (a must-- don't substitute!)

1. Remove 1/2 gallon (generally half of a package) sherbert from the freezer, scoop it into a bowl, and let thaw about 15-20 minutes. With a wooden spoon, stir the half-thawed sherbert around until brown-grey and ugly. Return to the freezer to re-freeze.

2. Place prepared lemonade and lemon-lime soda in a punch bowl.

3. Scoop out small spoonfuls of the brownish sherbert. Float them on top.

* Adults Only: Add a bottle or so of vodka to transform this into a tasty alcoholic Halloween punch recipe. Or try lemon or orange flavored or even berry vodka.

(Source: Divine Dinner Party)


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