Monday, September 7, 2009

.Cereal Killer.

This is soooo easy to make but so imaginative and funny! Here's the How-To:

What you Need:
- Mini Cereal Boxes
- Plastic Knifes
- Fake Blood
- Glue
- Safety Pins
- Plain white tee

1. Empty the cereal boxes and then pin them to your t-shirt.

2. Stab the plastic knifes into the boxes of cereal, secure with glue if needed.

3. Add some fake blood on the knives and cuts.

4. Glue the boxes shut, add some extra blood drippings here and there to your shirt.

5. You may even want to put some fake blood around your mouth or maybe stick some pieces of cereal around your mouth.

Cereal Killer Costume Idea

Lisa (pictured): "I took mini cereal boxes and stab them with the plastic knives. Used red paint for the "blood" coming out of the knives. I also had it dripping down the knives. I used safety pins to attach the boxes to the front and back of the white shirt. Splatter red paint on the shirt to represent more blood. I painted a milk mustache on my face with white face paint and had fake blood coming out of my mouth and on other areas of my face. I also used black eyeliner to write "GOT MILK?" on my cheeks. I mussed up my hair and was out the door."

Cereal Killer Costume Idea

Farrah (pictured): "I was inspired by your previous Cereal Killer lady I decided to upgrade for 2007 by adding cereal in my hair, a knife, handcuffs, black makeup, and got milk on the back of my shirt. All the coworkers, friends, and Hubby love it." It also looks like Farrah added pieces of cereal scattered around her top too which is a cute addition!

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  1. hahaha! Heres an easy one: Paint "book" on your face. What are you? FACEBOOK
    Heres another: wear a hat, attatch a leaf hanging from a string to the hat. blow on the leaf. what are you? A LEAF BLOWER