Monday, September 7, 2009

Going all out with accessories!

I've seen this photo on a few different websites but finally found one with a comment from the parent. I think this is just absolutely adorable and soooo creative! When my little girl does the whole pirate thing, we are definitely building a pirate ship on her Radio Flyer Wagon as well!

Pirate Ship Wagon

Here's the comment from the Dad: "The pirate ship is a plastic wagon that has 3/4 inch plywood on the deck wrapped by cardboard and duct tape. I cut long lengths of cardboard to make it look like real wood sides and duct taped. Over the top of it the mast is 3-inch pvc and 2-inch cross pvc. The material I had on hand and the rope I rigged made the ship look realistic. My 3 year old son, Jacob, and my 9 month old son, Benjamin, are the pirates looking for loot." ~ Bob

Pirate Ship Wagon

Great work Dad! This just goes to show, you can never do too much for a Halloween costume!

Feeling inspired? Here are some costumes to help you achieve your piratey goal:

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