Monday, September 7, 2009

Ultimate Corpse Bride Costume

Ultimate Corpse Bride Costume

With a price tag of $600+, the sky would have to be the limit on your bank account to be able to buy this costume, but I couldn't help but feature it anyways. I could never afford this beautiful dress but I LOVE to look at it! The design and execution is amazing and flawless. I would die to be able to have this in my costume collection! Drool with me please, because if I find out you bought one - I'll DIE of jealousy! =)

Ultimate Corpse Bride CostumeUltimate Corpse Bride CostumeUltimate Corpse Bride Costume

This dress is made by the extremely talented Deconstructess Designs, I came across it on an eBay search where she also has them listed from time to time along with some of her other fantastic creations.

Just because this dress makes me want to go watch the movie again, here is some Corpse Bride goodies:

Try not to drown in my drool,

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