Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Minute Costumes

Depending upon what's in your closet, there are quite a few costumes you can throw together in a last minute jam. You can also add pieces from a quick trip to your nearest Thrift or Second Hand store to complete a great costume. I'll be giving you many many ideas to use in the "Last Minute Costumes" series, here's the first round:

.Gypsy/Fortune Teller.

Gypsy - Fortune Teller Last Minute Costume Idea

If your not the type who likes to dress up in a wild costume, a Gypsy or Fortune Teller is a good option because its not too far out there.

What You Need:
- Billowy Top
- Long Prairie type skirt
- shawl to wrap around your waist
- scarf for your hair
- lots of necklaces and bracelets

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SO simple, ANYONE could pull this together 5 minutes before leaving the house!

Paparazzi Last Minute Costume Idea

What You Need:
- Casual/Comfy Clothes
- Backwards Cap
- Camera glued to your hand


If you don't mind getting a little risque on Halloween, Hooker costumes are VERY easy to throw together last minute.

Hooker Last Minute Costume

What You Need:
- Trashy hair and make-up
- skanky clothes
- high heels
- fishnet pantyhose
- tacky jewelry
- small purse full of condoms

Even perfectly respectable clothes can get skanky with the help of some scissors.

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.Ultimate Fan.

Gypsy - Fortune Teller Costume

This is an easy as pie costume that either males or females could easily do. You can either choose someone who you actually like but it would be a lot funnier to pick someone people know you dislike. You could also go for someone cheesy like Yanni, Michael Bolton, Andy Dick or Richard Simmons. Or something funny like a cartoon character or something off the wall like a type of food or board game. Just take a note from football fans and take it over the top!

What You Need:
- Buttons
- Tattoos
- T-Shirt
- 8x10 Poster

You can easily make home-made buttons with some glue, printed pictures, cardboard and safety pins. You can either draw tattoos on yourself or have a friend help, take a plain T-Shirt and deck it out with markers and print your own 8x10 poster of your choice.

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