Sunday, September 13, 2009

.Dragon's Eye Brew.

Dragon's Eye Brew Halloween Punch Recipe

36 large seedless green grapes
18 large raisins or dried cranberries, halved lengthwise
4 (1-liter) bottles cold ginger ale
3 (1-qt) tubs lime sherbet

1. To make dragon eyeballs: Make a lengthwise slit with a paring knife in grapes. Holding grape between thumb and index finger, gently squeeze to open slit and insert a raisin sliver. Freeze eyeball grapes until rock-hard.

2. To make brew: Stir 2 liters of ginger ale and 1 qt of sherbet in a punch bowl until blended. Float scoops of the remaining sherbet on top of brew mixture. Pour remaining ginger ale over sherbet scoops (it will create a foamy top). Decorate with frozen eyeballs.

* Plan Ahead: You can make eyeballs up to 2 weeks ahead and freeze.

(Source: Woman's Day)


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