Wednesday, September 16, 2009

.Vintage Tin Noise-Makers.

I search through eBay a lot just to drool at all the old vintage Halloween items that are for sale. Of course the most drool-worthy items are the ones that go for prices that make you wonder if this whole recession thing ever really existed. LOL Obviously not for some people.

Anyways, on a recent search I watched this lot of five vintage tin noisemakers go for about $215. The listing said that three of the clickers were marked "Germany" and that the other two were un-marked but frequently seen in US manufacturing graphics. They claimed (and I am sure were correct due to the high price they eventually sold at) that they were from the 1930s.

Vintage tin Noise-makers

Apparently a rare find, so I wanted to share the photo here. Halloween noise-makers seem to have been extremely popular around the 1920s-1950s as party favors and general mischeif making toys.

Here's wishing you merry noise-making =)

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